We will provide you the information and service you need to reduce risk and protect your agency. Our team will find you programs that offer you the best value. IA&B works with reputable, established carriers to find top-quality coverage.


Independent insurance agents require unique coverage options. 赌博信誉排行十名大全提供:

你的保险单符合它的价值吗? We can look into programs that could provide you more options, 所以你可以为你的生意做出最好的决定. 保险代理人 & 经纪服务集团公司. works with reputable, established carriers that offer high quality programs. We will provide you the information and service you need to reduce risk and protect your agency.

Benefit from working with a team who know the unique needs of independent agencies. IA&B通过以下方式保护您的业务:

  • 行业领先的索赔服务
  • 受过高度训练,有执照的专业人员
  • 与已有运营商的关系
  • 任何规模的机构都可以选择


大多数E&O政策并不包括数据泄露, and most cyber endorsements do not adequately address the exposures of an insurance agent. To avoid damage to your agency’s finances and reputation, a solid privacy and data breach policy is increasingly critical.
网络 crime is a real threat to agencies and their customers. Data breach is not just about cyber security—hackers, portable devices, and stolen laptops. It includes indiscretions and negligent disclosures that can occur within your agency and lead to a breach.

IA&B can help independent agencies navigate legal compliance requirements and build prevention strategies. We can add another layer of protection with our cyber insurance offering.

Employment-related lawsuits filed against an agency are costly to defend and even more costly if a settlement is required or damages are awarded to the plaintiff.
Agencies need a comprehensive Employment Practices Liability 保险 (EPLI) policy because standard business liability insurance policies often do not provide sufficient coverage for costs associated with employee lawsuits.
通过购买EPLI保单, your agency will be covered against claims made by past, 现有和潜在员工, 包括歧视索赔(年龄), 性, 比赛, 等.), 性ual harassment, wrongful termination, and a variety of other employment related allegations
有时你现有的商业报道和错误 & omissions limits simply are not enough to fully protect your business. And your commercial coverage adds no personal protection for you and your family.
IA&B’s Agents’ 伞 Program extends over your commercial coverage, E&O, and your personal liability limits to meet your unique requirements.
Underwritten by Penn National 保险 with payment plans available by premium level, you have affordable options to secure stable coverage that will fully protect your agency.
IA&B’s agents’ umbrella program provides excess coverage for the following underlying policies:
  • 错误 & 遗漏
  • 一般责任/防喷器
  • 商业汽车责任
  • Optional Personal 伞 for owners, officers and partners
  • 任选雇佣实务责任
    (for an additional charge and subject to underwriting approval)
  • 雇主责任(纽约除外), Employee Benefits Liability and Mutual Fund or Variable Annuities coverage
You will get a policy tailored to your agency’s exposures delivered through friendly, 民政事务局提供的个人服务&B的授权专家. 任何规模的机构都能从IA中受益&B的伞计划:
  • 有竞争力的利率结构
  • 支付计划的任何规模的政策
  • Comprehensive coverage that extends over most underlying policies and responds in following form
David Wertz, CPIA,保险安置专家 DavidW@IABforME.com •,ext. 506
开始,填写并返回 问卷调查 或联系Dave Wertz, ext. 506 or DavidW@diet-act.com.


IA&B is a proud and exclusive agent of the Utica National E&马里兰州宾夕法尼亚州的O项目 & 特拉华州. Utica National is known for stability in the marketplace and outstanding claims department. Agents that select this program know that they have solid protection for their agency.


不是一个成员? 很容易! 去这个链接或联系:
, ext. 351


Utica offers a loss-control credit program that can lower your E&O溢价.

信用证不适用于寿险保单持有人 & 卫生政策的形式.

尤蒂卡为投保人提供E&O自我评估, loss control articles and real world claim examples to help minimize the chance of an E&O事件.
尤蒂卡提供多种支付E&O溢价 including EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), debit/credit card, online, phone, and check. Payment can be made in full over one of the several installment plan options provided. Learn more about payment plans offered and related fees or contact information.
Send Notice of Claim or Incident Form along with requested materials to:
电话: ; E&O索赔

尤蒂卡,纽约13504 - 6610


Swiss Re (Westport)资源公司

IA&B is a proud and exclusive agent of the Westport (Swiss Re Corporate Solutions) E&O宾夕法尼亚的项目 & 特拉华州. This program is known for stability in the marketplace and outstanding claims department. Agents that select this program know that they have outstanding protection for their agency.
Learn what’s new with the RPG policy form from Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. 这些重要的改变是有效的2月2日. 1, 2022.


To participate in the Westport Risk Purchasing Group (RPG), policyholders in Pennsylvania and 特拉华州 must be a member in good standing with IA&B.
不是一个成员? 很容易! 去这个链接或联系:
, ext. 351
The Westport Risk Management  Credit program can lower your E&O溢价. Credit not applicable for policyholders written on the non-member/open brokerage policy form.
Note the 10% credit can be increased to a maximum 20% by meeting other criteria.
你们机构的运作情况可以查阅. Voluntary completion of this review may qualify you for a 10% E&O溢价 credit good for five years on the next renewal. A separate fee applies based on the approved auditor chosen.


  • 导致E的常见错误&O索赔
  • 真实的学习案例研究
  • 免责声明、程序和客户信函的样本
  • 操作自我评价
  • E&O的文章
  • E&O索偿顾问通讯
  • 网络研讨会和播客等等


One of the biggest resources for you is our staff – consider us an extension of your office. 这是十大赌博正规信誉网址价值的一部分. When you have a question about coverages, save yourself time and frustration, and contact us first. 赌博信誉排行十名大全的存在不仅仅是为了帮助你们公司生存, but thrive in today’s competitive insurance environment.
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